About Harriet


Harriet has always been fascinated by bodies, moving and making. Since graduating with a first class degree in choreography from Dartington college of arts in 2011, she has explored dance making and research in Berlin, New Delhi, South America, Denmark and the UK.

Harriet is deeply interested in making interdisciplinary art accessible to, and in collaboration with the broader community. Inspired by nature and people, she has an on going inquiry into inner and outer landscapes.

Harriet trained to become a yoga teacher in 2014 with Abby Hoffman and is registered with the yoga alliance UK. Harriet completed infant movement development training through IBMT in 2019 and continues to work towards her diploma in somatic movement therapy- about to start studying somatic psychology. She is registered as a student with ISMETA. Harriet is a member and practitioner at the Elysia therapeutic centre stourbridge.

Over the last nine years Harriet has woven together a movement and teaching practice inspired by contemporary and traditional movement techniques. She teaches in schools, as well as public dance and yoga classes in Stourbridge. Harriet also works privately with clients in the comfort of their own home.

Harriet is deeply passionate about social justice and the inherent relationship between social landscapes and inner body landscapes. She is deeply informed by her connection to the natural world and is currently studying permaculture- the principles and philosophy of which inspire, not only her garden, but also her creative processes.